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Services Offered

Web Design/E-Commerce: Store Creation w/ Local & National SEO and other powerful tools to help your site get off to a great start. Your site will be set up with all the functions needed to succeed in todays digital world, with a quick turn around time. You can expect your website to be responsive meaning it will look great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Multi-Vendor Marketplaces: Aaron specializes in helping create multi-vendor marketplaces similar to websites like Amazon, Ebay etc. This allows you to own and operate the website and take care of all marketing, styling and promotion; while allowing vendors to post products on your website. They take care of inventory and shipping while you take a commission of your choosing on sales for your services.

SEO: Your store will be set up will all proper SEO meta tags, descriptions to allow search engines to effectively start crawling your website to be found by potential customers.

- Directory Link Building/Reputation Management 
    - We list your business in over 200 directories for link building and review management across them all. 

Business Development: Can help formulate long term ideas to make your brand/company competative in todays market.

Specializes in early stage start up infrustructures for bootstrapping purposes.

Branding/Brand Identity:  Can help brainstorm and collaborate with graphic artists to help match your vision with an effective feel, look and overall brand identity when it comes to your products and/or services.

Sales And Distribution: Will help wholesale products through multiple online distribution platforms.

Point Of Sale: Aaron can get your E-Commerce Synced with your store(s) Point Of Sale system. All your products, inventory are stored in one place.

Dedicated Web Management:  Aaron can help keep the inner fucntions of your website up to date, make edits and keep the overall user experience positive. We collaborate monthly in Asana and have very transparent time reporting sent on a monthly basis. This includes but is not limited to: Web Development, Social/Analytics monthly reporting, tech support, newsletter scheduling and more.

Monthly Services:

Web Development/IT Support:

We will ensure your store is always integrated with the latest apps to help grow your store online.

Analytics Reporting:

We will be sure to send monthly SEO And Social Media audit reports to help improve organic traffic.


Local SEO Link Building & Reputation Management w/Reporting (200+ Directories)

Transparent Time Reporting:

Every month we send a breakdown and description of hours worked.

Dedicated Account Manager:

Dedicated web project management.

Tech Support:

Any questions we will be happy to help.

Influencer Marketing Management:

We work with thousands of online influencers and can work to get your products and services shown to a wide audience.

Monthly Collaboration:

Team set up on Asana for simple communication.

Sales Set Up:

BOGO offers, monthly discount promotions and more.

Social Media Set Up/Managment:

Help with setting up and managing your social media accounts.

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We work on automizing just about every aspect possible when helping run the back end of your web business. This helps minimize hours spent while increasing value.


*Additional Time Credits May Apply Depending On Hours Spent.