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Services Offered

Accounting Set Up | $199: Cody will help get your business set up on the Xero Cloud Accounting Platform. Get a snapshot of how your business is doing anytime through the smartphone app and help make your end of year taxes a breeze.

Third Party Hosting Costs | $9 - $70/Month

I reccommend starting off at the $9.00 Per month and let Xero scale with your business.

Billing/Invoicing Set Up | $149 : Easy way to send payments and invoices that can be paid online and easily synced with your accounting software. 

Third Party Monthly Hosting Costs: $19 - $49/Month

The $29/month plan should suffice for most needs. 

*The $29/Month Plan needs to be chosen to be synced with your accounting services.

Human Resources Management | $149 : Everytime you hire, fire there is local filing that needs to be done. Cody will help get your business set up on a free service called Zenefits. This will automatically file everything you need to help keep your business in line. You can also easily add benefits for your employees, offer stock if your a startup all under one roof. This also will sync with your accounting and Payroll services greatly increasing your time to spend on your business.

Third Party Monthly Hosting Costs: Free Unless You Offer Company Benefits

Payroll Set Up | $149 : Cody can get your business set up on Zenefits Payroll Cloud Platform. This is a very low cost payroll platform which will allow your new hires to log in and fill out W-4's enter their payment information for direct deposit and make your life a lot easier. This will also sync with Xero and automatically create accounts which will streamline your operations.

Third Party Monthly Costs: Free - $25/Month +$4/Employee Per Month

If we set you up right, you should be able to use the Free option no problem.

End Of Year Taxes: Since Cody will be managing your monthly bookkeeping he can also get your end of year taxes done quickly and efficiently. Costs vary, so please feel free to turn in a quote request.


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